Welcome to UO Immortal!

UO Immortal blends pre- and post-Age of Shadows systems into a seamless whole and is accented by a number of custom features. Our goal is to maintain a legacy feel while expanding on the original content. We aim to provide a medium in which some of the passions, conflicts, and community of early UO can be captured and given life again.

The community and social aspects of the game are a large part of the enduring nature of UO. Our server is designed to encourage cooperative game play. That being said, UO is not UO without room for human conflict… Choices and Consequences is a guiding principal on the UO Immortal server.

One fork in the road comes in the choice between chivalry or necromancy. Those with low to bad karma will find the path of the paladin closed to them. Likewise, the aspiring necromancer will quickly learn that the forces of darkness yield not to the pure of heart.

For further explanations of in game features and mechanics, take a look at the Wiki. You will find everything you need to know there.


5/30/2024: Development continues.
2/26/2024: Working on server content.