Support the server.

Players can help support UO Immortal by donating. Donations are used to cover server operation costs, update the content, and upgrade the hardware as the server grows. Any amount helps!

Donations are considered gifts to the shard and are not for any tangible items or merchandise. If you chose to donate, you are giving money to support a hobby gaming site and not purchasing anything of value. By donating, you are agreeing that you are voluntarily giving your money to UO Immortal. You will receive gold doubloons in game as a “thank you” for your generosity.

Making a donation does not grant any special treatment or privileges. All donations are final and non-refundable. Players who are banned from the server for any reason will not receive a refund of any donated amount.

You will need to register your email to claim your gold doubloons in game. Stand near a Banker NPC, left click the NPC to view its context menu, and select the claim option to have your gold doubloons deposited into your character’s bank box. If you are unable to claim your gold doubloons, reach out to staff via a page in game.

[ Donations not currently active ]

Subscriptions really help with planning for future server expenses. Checking the box on the PayPal page to “make this a monthly donation” nets you +10% gold doubloons for every recurring donation.

Please use whole dollar amounts. Partial amounts will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount (e.g. $19.95 = 19 = 190 gold doubloons).

Click here for more information about gold doubloons and their function in game.