Smooth sailing and mouse controlled steering have been implemented. While on board the ship, double click the tiller man to control ship movement with your mouse. Double click him again to stop controlling the ship.

Ship key holders can open and board ships without unlocking them. To allow others to board the ship, the key will need to be used to unlock the plank.

Dry docking ships with a ghost on board will eject the ghost to your location. Single click the tiller man for the context menu option to dry dock.

Carving a corpse that is on board a ship can remove it. If you are able to skin or chop up a corpse, the first carving will do so. Carving a second time will remove the corpse and everything that was on it.

The small, medium, and large ships as well as the rowboat can be crafted by players with both carpentry and tinkering. Ship plans can be bought at shipwrights and must be filled with boards before being crafted into a placeable ship deed. The plans are double-clicked, then boards in either your backpack or bank can be targeted



The following commands work whilst standing on board a ship or raft. Replace direction with any of the following: “forward left”, “forward right”, “backward left”, “backward right”, “back left”, “back right”, “backwards”, “backward”, or “back”.

  • direction: Move ship in desired direction.
  • drift left or left: Moves ship to the left.
  • drift right or right: Moves ship to the right.
  • drop anchor or raise anchor: Toggles ship movement on or off.
  • furl sail or stop: Stops current ship movement.
  • one direction or direction one: Moves ship one tile in desired direction and stops.
  • slow direction: Moves ship slowly in desired direction (see below for possible directions).
  • turn around or come about: Turns ship around and proceeds.
  • turn left or port: Rotate ship left. Changes the orientation of the ship.
  • turn right or starboard: Rotate ship right. Changes the orientation of the ship.
  • unfurl sail or forward: Moves ship forward.

For ships with a tillerman, a map with a plotted course can be dropped onto him.

  • continue: Resume plotted course after stopped.
  • furl sail or stop: Stops current ship movement.
  • goto #: Sail directly to pin # on map, then continue on remainder of plotted course.
  • nav: Asks tillerman which pin # you are heading to on map.
  • single #: Sail directly to pin # on map, then stop.
  • start: Start along the charted course and continue until finished or stopped.