Dungeons & Hunting




You’ve decided life behind the city walls is not for you anymore. You sprung for that shiny new sword, that leather tunic you’ve always wanted, and a trusty shield… now what? Why, you’re ready to venture forth to make your fortune and emblazon your name on Britannia’s history books.

Why brave a dungeon?

Good question, who would want to go dungeon diving in the first place? They are dark, winding, dangerous, troublesome places. The inhabitants don’t know the first thing about basic hygiene and aren’t very likely to invite you over for tea or win any congeniality contests. However, there are quite a few reasons why the adventurous would ignore these reasonable reasons to steer clear of dungeons and enter anyway.

Skill Gain

Skills will gain at a 300% rate in the anti-virtue dungeons and several others as well. Exceptions include Britain Sewers and Trinsic Cave. The increased skill gain will stack with the bonus from being in power hour as well.


Skill Scrolls

Any creature, anywhere, may drop a random skill scroll that raises a skill immediately in place of training it. These scrolls will increase the listed skill by 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, or 1.0, depending on the intensity of the scroll. Weak creatures and animals have small chance to drop a 0.1 scroll. The drop rate for each intensity increases as your foes become more powerful and the drop rates will be higher inside dungeons. Skill scrolls for the same skill can be combined using a scroll binder. Scroll binders can be crafted by scribes and will combine up to 10.0 points worth of a skill into a single scroll.

Skill scroll exchange barrels can be found at West Britain Bank and the Agora. You will accumulate points for dropping unwanted skill scrolls in these barrels. These points can the be used to buy a new, random skill scroll from the barrel. Single clicking the exchange barrels brings up its context menu which lists the options to check your point balance and to buy a random scroll.

Gold Doubloons

Within any dungeon, the creatures you encounter will have a chance to drop a gold doubloon — a large gold coin with a dragon’s head struck onto it. These doubloons serve as a rare, second form of currency that can be spent on vendor stones for aesthetic, decorative, or convenience items.

Vendor stones can be found next to West Britain Bank, next to the bank in Buccaneer’s Den, and in the Display Room found through the moongate in Lord British’s castle. Double clicking a vendor stone opens its menu; single clicking a vendor stone shows a context menu which will open your web browser to our donation page.


These stones will rarely drop off all creatures. The drop rate is higher inside dungeons. Fire Island moonstones will drop on the mainland and are used to open a gate to a random location on Fire Island. Conversely, Mainland moonstones will drop on Fire Island and inside Hythloth and will open a gate to a random location on the mainland. The stones are single use and the moongate can be used by anyone on either side until it closes.

Shrunken Animals

Animals have a rare chance to drop a shrunken version of themselves. This item is used with the pet stone, which acts like a spawner for the added shrunken animal. The pet stone is acquired from the housing vendor stone in the display room. The display room is accessed through Lord British’s castle.

Random Custom Artifacts

NPCs and monsters have a chance to randomly drop a custom artifact. These can be armor, weapons, or clothing. The artifact rarity is tied to the creature’s fame — higher fame creatures drop artifacts with higher artifact rarities.

Custom artifact barrels are located at West Britain Bank and the Agora. You will accumulate points for dropping artifacts in these barrels.


Getting to Hythloth has become more difficult. Methods to get there including sailing, paying the ferryman at Trinsic docks, or using a moonstone. All mark and travel spells have been disabled on Fire Island. House teleporters cannot be placed in houses on the island either.

Paragons will randomly spawn inside Hythloth Dungeon, along with an increased drop rate of skill scrolls and doubloons over other dungeons. Paragons will have increased loot and possibly drop paragon artifacts and chests. The artifacts include slayer instruments, decorations, and doubloons. Paragon chests will randomly contain magic armor, weapons, and jewelry, gems, gold, reagents, scrolls, treasure maps, and a possibility of skill scrolls and doubloons.

Dungeon Moongates

A number of moongates are found in dungeons. They will appear as a dark colored moongate and will take you to Britain, unless you are a faction member. In that case, it will take you to the town in which you are a citizen. Murderers and criminals are unable to use these moongates.

Pentagrams of Circumvention

Most dungeons have at least one pentagram of circumvention. These appear as the standard pentagrams found throughout the world, but when single clicked, their name will be displayed. They provide an alternative entrance and exit to dungeons for those capable of casting recall or sacred journey. In a 5×5 tile area centered on these pentagrams, recall and sacred journey may be cast and runes may be marked. Gate travel cannot be cast in the area of the pentagram and attempts to gate to a rune marked in a dungeon will be blocked. Normal rules for recalling apply in the area of the pentagrams.

Murderers are unable to utilize pentagrams of circumvention nor will they be able to recall using runes marked in dungeons.


Hunting & Adventuring

Systems such as the Kill Point Tracker and the PvM Leaderboard have been added to the UO Immortal server to augment the standard hack and slash, adventuring game play. Power hour has been implemented as well to help with training skills. For the player who is looking to actively seek adventure, NPCs post jobs to bulletin boards located in some inns and taverns.

Kill Point Tracker

Each player will enter into the world with a kill point tracker. Additional trackers can be purchased from the Kill Point Reward Stones located near the bank in Britain, Buccaneer’s Den, and Ocllo.

The kill point tracker (KPT) is an item that, once bound to its owner, will accumulate points from killing animals and monsters. The points scale with the enemy. For instance, an ogre is worth more points than a mongbat. Double clicking a new KPT will give the option to bind it to you. Points can be used on Kill Point Reward Stones for various reward items. There are different tiers of items that will open up as you gain more and more points.

The first tier starts at 100 points and further tiers will open at 200, 300 and so on to 10,000. Items available include things such as decorations, veteran rewards, and some potentially useful items that either are not available otherwise or are difficult to obtain through normal means.

PvM Leaderboard

Each player has a PvM log that is updated every time they kill something. This personal log can be viewed with the command [PvMLog. The first time each creature is slain, a recognition reward of gold is deposited in the player’s bank.

A leaderboard is located at West Britain Bank listing the top 3 players who have slain the most of each type of creature. There are separate sections for weekly, monthly, and lifetime leaders. The board is updated once a day in the morning.

Staff will announce weekly or monthly competitions for killing the most of the stated creature. The leader after that time period will receive recognition and a reward.

Power Hour

Being in power hour will cause your skills to gain at a 200% rate. Your power hour information is viewed by using the command [powerhour or [PH. The power hour gump will detail whether you can start now, how much time you have left, or when you can start your next power hour. The power hour bonus will stack with the increased skill gains in dungeons.

A potion is available for gold on the doubloon stones that will allow you to start your power hour immediately, or will extend it by an additional hour if you are currently in one.

NPC Job Bulletin Boards

Public bulletin boards are located in some taverns and inns. These bulletin boards can have postings made by escortable NPCs and by prisoner NPCs. Each NPC will only post to one board, so check around if a job board is empty. The posts will describe what the NPC needs you to do, along with directions to their approximate location.


Grave Digging

A not-so-reputable way to find a variety of items. Grab a grave digger’s shovel and start digging in the turned dirt next to tombstones! Possible exhumed items include generic bones/body parts, reagents, gems, treasure maps, skill scrolls, decorative items, and components used in Necromancy Crafting. There is a distinct possibility of disturbing the dead, so be prepared to encounter some unhappy, undead creatures.

The results of grave digging are influenced by one’s skills in mining and forensic evaluation. The type of shovel also can improve one’s odds in finding more desirable items. In increasing order and where to find them:

  • Grave Digger’s Shovel – dropped by necromancers in Wrong Dungeon and the necromancer in Trinsic’s jungle,
  • Expert Grave Digger’s Shovel – dropped by the Necromage Peerless in Wrong Dungeon,
  • Master Grave Digger’s Shovel – dropped by the Necromage Peerless in Wrong Dungeon.

Digging in an outdoor or a town’s graveyard can have different results than digging within a dungeon. The decorative and crafting items differ, as well as there being stronger undead to disturb in the dungeons. Aside from the different decorative items, dungeons are typically the preferable place to grave dig.



After dying, you will become a ghost and any items not insured or blessed will remain on your corpse. Once you have resurrected at an ankh, at a healer, or through another player, you will have a few options in recovering your body and the items still on it.

Return to your body and double click it. This will both pick up and re-equip your items, if possible. Although, this option is sometimes easier said than done if you happened to take a dirt nap at the feet of a balron or shadow wyrm. Traveling with trusted friends can make recovery of your goods easier.

Use a corpse stone at one of the town healers. These black stones are in front of many healer buildings and will track up to 5 of your recently slain bodies. The items and gold on each body will be listed and you will be able to choose which one your recover. It does cost gold to have your corpse brought to you. Should you be slain by another player, the stone will not recover your corpse.

Your final option is to abandon your former body and allow it, and your hard-earned goods, to rot. Perhaps you didn’t really want to adventure into dungeons anyway. Time to pick up that fishing rod, tilt back a few ales with your friends at the end of a long day, and embrace the life of a townie.

Ghost Blindness

Player ghosts will become blind after their corpse completely decays. Blind ghosts cannot see players nor most NPCs. Exceptions include healers and their own pets.