Patch 23
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Patch 23

UO Immortal

Slayers have been added to the sundering system and the Fishmaster in Fishermans' Guild in Trinsic is offering a monthly tournament to compete in catching the largest rare and legendary fish, lobsters, and crabs!


Major Updates

Added slayer essences. These items have a low chance to drop off opposition creatures. They can also be obtained from sundering weapons, instruments, and spellbooks that have a slayer property.

  • Double click stacks of slayer essences to form a slayer gem, which is a component used in crafting slayer deeds on with the sundering tool. Slayer deeds set the slayer property on weapons, instruments, and spellbooks.


Added the Fishmaster's Challenge. Similar to the Huntmaster's Challenge, it is a monthly competition to catch the largest rare and legendary fish, lobsters, and crabs.

  • The Fishmaster is located in Sons of the Sea (Fishermens' Guild) located near the east docks in Trinsic.
  • A related informational quest was added to the town crier quest list.
  • Using a fishing permit on a compatible catch will delete it. You are still able to use a taxidermy kit on the fishing permit to mount your catch.


Minor Updates

Guild Leaders, or Warlords, can add one event notice to the Town Cryer gump by single clicking a town crier NPC and selecting the "Update Guild Town Crier" option.

  • The format for month, day, and time entries is one or two digits, i.e., a month entry of 11 = November and a time entry of 22 = 10:00 PM.
  • Currently there is no guild size requirement for listing an event. The guild size requirement is subject to change.
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