Fishing has been greatly expanded with many High Seas features. New fish can be caught starting at 50.1 fishing skill. After reaching 90.0 skill, only the new fish will be caught outside of dungeons. Within dungeons, 106.0+ fishing skill is required to catch dungeon specific fish. A summary of the new fish types:

  • 12 shallow water fish
  • 18 deep water fish
  • 12 dungeon fish
  • 13 rare fish
  • 14 legendary fish

Rare fish are used in magical fish pies made by cooks. Magical fish pies are found on the baking menu, accessed through the baker’s board. Each pie imparts a buff that lasts for 5 minutes. Eating another pie will cancel the first buff and start a new effect. Rare fish can be mounted for display with taxidermy kits. They can only be caught in specific locations.

Legendary fish have the lowest chance of being caught and therefore catching one imparts the largest bragging rights of all the new fish. They can be mounted for display with a taxidermy kit and are only able to be caught in specific locations as well.

Rare Fish and Magical Pies

The 13 rare fish can be cut up into fish steaks then combined with various ingredients to create magical fish pies. The magical fish pie effects last for 5 minutes. Below is a table with the fish, locations, and pie effects:

Fish Location Magic Fish Buff
Autumn Dragonfish inside Despise increases meditation skill by 10 (goes over cap)
Bull Fish Buccaneer’s Den shoreline raises damage increase (DI) by 5
Crystal Fish inside Ice Dungeon soaks energy damage by 5
Fairy Salmon shoreline and lake of Ocllo additional 2% chance for spells to not be interrupted
Fire Fish Serpent’s Hold shoreline soaks fire damage by 5
Giant Koi inside Wind city (not park) increases defense chance increase (DCI) by 8
Great Barracuda deep water increases hit chance increase (HCI) by 8
Holy Mackerel Trinsic guard zone increases mana regeneration by 3
Lava Fish inside Covetous chance to restore some mana after being damaged
Reaper Fish inside Deceit soaks poison damage by 5
Summer Dragonfish inside Destard increases spell damage (DCI) by 5
Unicorn Fish deep water increases stamina regeneration by 3
Yellowtail Barracuda deep water increases hit point regeneration by 3

Legendary Fish

Legendary fish are extremely rare to catch and will make any dedicated fisher proud to have one hanging on their walls. The locations they can be caught:

  • Abyssal Dragonfish, inside Destard.
  • Black Marlin, deep water.
  • Blue Marlin, deep water.
  • Dungeon Pike, inside Shame.
  • Giant Samurai Fish, deep water.
  • Golden Tuna, deep water.
  • Kingfish, deep water.
  • Lantern Fish, inside Covetous.
  • Rainbow Fish, shoreline and lake of Ocllo.
  • Seeker Fish, Britain guard zone.
  • Spring Dragonfish, Vesper guard zone.
  • Stone Fish, deep water.
  • Winter Dragonfish, inside Ice Dungeon.
  • Zombie Fish, inside Deceit.

Lobster Traps

Lobster traps can currently be purchased from fisher NPCs. They are used to catch lobsters and crabs. Double clicking a trap will allow you to place it in water within a few tiles of your character and it will be marked by a named buoy. Trap buoys must be placed at least 1 tile apart from each other. Every 60 seconds, traps have a chance to catch one to three crustaceans, with a maximum capacity of five. If something has been caught by the trap, it will both emote **bob** and show a bobbing animation. You are unable to pull traps while they are moving.

Every 60 seconds, the chance for a trap to sink increases.

Retrieving a trap buoy that you did not place is a criminal action. Exceptions to this are guildmates and party members.

Similar to the new fish, there are regular crustaceans, along with rare and legendary ones as well. An overview of the lobsters and crabs:

  • 6 regular lobsters
  • 6 regular crabs
  • 1 rare lobster
  • 2 rare crabs
  • 3 legendary lobsters
  • 2 legendary crabs

Rare Crustaceans and Magical Fish Pies

The rare crustaceans can be cut up for their meat, then combined with various ingredients to create additional magical fish pies. As before, the effects from consuming the pies last for 5 minutes. Below is a table with the rare crustaceans, locations, and pie effects:

Crustacean Location Magic Fish Buff
Blue Lobster inside Ice Dungeon soaks cold damage by 5
Spider Crab shoreline and lake of Ocllo increases focus skill by 10 (goes over cap)
Stone Crab deep water soaks physical damage by 5

Legendary Crustaceans

Legendary crustaceans are extremely rare to catch and will make any dedicated fisher proud to have one hanging on their walls. The locations they can be caught:

  • Blood Lobster, inside Shame.
  • Dread Lobster, inside Covetous.
  • Tunnel Crab, Britain guard zone.
  • Void Crab, deep water.
  • Void Lobster, deep water.

Commodity Deeds

Commodity deeds have been modified to function inside a ship’s hold, in order to assist with handling large quantities of the new fish and crustacean types.


Professional Fisher Quest

The Professional Fisher Quests are given by NPC Fish Mongers who are located on docks in Britain, Jhelom, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, and the Sea Market. You must have a boat in the water nearby to accept the quest. Anything less than a large boat will get you a sideways comment from the Fish Monger and a lower level fishing quest. You will receive reward points for each quest you complete. Single click on a Fish Monger and select “Claim Rewards” to spend your points on reward items.