Followers are similar to both pets and hirelings. They charge a large upfront fee, then will not require any further payments. They are able to be bonded and have a number of features beyond a hireling. Their skill cap is 1000 and their cap is 225. Dragging weapons or armor onto them will cause them to equip it, if they are able to do so. Bandages and food can also be given to followers, which they will use automatically. Followers do not accept insured items. Should you give one a blessed item, it will be lost if your follower is unbonded and dies. Blessed items will stay with bonded followers.

Mounted followers are able to move more quickly than those on foot. You will need to provide the mount and it will require follower slots as well.

In order to store your follower, or “stable” him or her, you must find an innkeeper. You can say “bunk” and “claim” to the innkeeper, or single click the innkeeper and use the context menu. Followers must dismount before being roomed.

All of the basic pet and hireling commands work with followers. Saying “[name] help” will cause your follower to list additional commands. These commands include:

  • “[name] arm”
  • “[name] dismount”
  • “[name] dress”
  • “[name] help”
  • “[name] list”
  • “[name] mount”
  • “[name] stats”
  • “[name] undress”
  • “[name] unload”