Citizenship & Loyalty



Citizenship and City Loyalty Systems

The UO City Loyalty system has been integrated with our custom citizenship system. The two systems mostly overlap, but there a few points to keep in mind when declaring citizenship/loyalty.

Loyalty can be declared to Britain, Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, and Yew. By declaring loyalty to any of these cities, all the features of the custom citizenship will be enabled in the city you choose. Conversely, if you use the custom citizenship system to become a citizen of any of these cities, you will automatically declare your loyalty there as well.

However, if you use the custom citizenship system to become a citizen of Buccaneer’s Den, Cove, Hvitorland, Nujel’m, Ocllo, or Serpent’s Hold, you will be unable to declare loyalty to any of the above nine cities. You will still be able to deliver trade orders for the Ministers of Trade, make donations to the cities, and improve your loyalty rating with each city. You will not be able to take part in elections for city governor, obtain city related reward titles, purchase city banners, or receive the city trade deal buffs when they are active.


Citizenship System

You are able to become a citizen of one of 15 towns. To do so, say “I wish to become a citizen” within the borders of your desired town. After becoming a citizen, you can renounce your citizenship at any time by saying “I wish to renounce my citizenship”. This has to be done within the borders of any town. After renouncing your citizenship, you will be unable to declare citizenship again for 7 days.

Features of becoming a citizen:

  • There is a public dye tub in each town that is usable only by citizens of that town. It allows citizens to dye their clothing the town color.
  • Becoming a citizen will remove the sales tax from the vendor NPCs in that town.
  • Faction members who have declared citizenship will be returned to their hometown instead of defaulting to Britain when using dungeon moongates.
  • As a citizen, if you are murdered, you have the option to place up to 3000 gold as a bounty on the murderer in your town of residence. Anyone with an outstanding bounty will be unable to use the vendors in that particular town until the bounty is settled. Bounties can be paid at the magistrates in Britain, Yew, Trinsic, or Nujel’m, or the lawyer in Buccaneer’s Den by saying “pay bounties”. Bounties can be paid while as a ghost as well.

Town guards will warn players with up to 3000 gold in bounty in that town and will attack them on sight if the bounty goes higher. Any player with a bounty over 5000 gold, blue or otherwise, is able to be attacked freely at any time. Citizens of Buccaneer’s Den cannot give bounties and none of these points apply there. Note: the term bounty is a bit of a misnomer in the way bounties function on the server, as no one ever collects a payout. It is more like a fine, with increasing incentives (penalties) to pay it off.


City Loyalty

Your city loyalty status can be viewed by single clicking your character and selecting “City Loyalty” from the context menu. If you have not declared citizenship to a city, clicking the blue gems beside the city names on this window will allow you to do so. Regardless of your citizenship status, you will be able to improve your loyalty rating with each city.

Gaining Loyalty

There are several ways to gain city loyalty:

  • Donating gold to the City Herald.
  • Turning in completed bulk order deeds to the applicable NPC vendors.
  • Fulfilling trade orders given by the Minister of Trade. Single click the minister to accept a trade order. Filling the order and delivering it will gain you loyalty for both that minister’s city and with the city receiving your delivery. On the acceptance of your first trade order, you’ll receive a mysterious note. Be aware: if you deliver trade orders to Slim the fence, you will gain in city hatred rather than loyalty.
  • Making donations through the crate and hitching post near each Minister of Trade. Double clicking the minister gives a greeting and a list of acceptable donations. You may donate items by dropping them into the crate or transferring animals to the hitching post. Acceptable item donations are: boards, ingots, hides, cut leather, cuts of ribs, bread, crabs, lobsters, fish steaks, bows, crossbows, and simple potions. Acceptable animal donations are: dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens.
  • Arresting brigands for the Guard Captain. Double click the box of ropes near any guard captain to receive a guardsman’s rope. The rope is used to arrest brigands that have been subdued, which means they have 10% hit points or less. After making an arrest, you will have one hour to transport the brigand back to a guard captain.

Loyalty Rights

As you gain city loyalty, extra options become available to you.

  • Citizen
    – May endorse a candidate nominated for the post of governor.
  • Commended
    – May purchase the city title ‘Knight’ (10,000 gold).
  • Esteemed
    – May purchase the city title ‘Baronet/Baronetess’ (100,000 gold).
  • Respected
    – May vote in the town election.
    – May purchase the city title ‘Baron/Baroness’ (1,000,000 gold).
    – May utilize the city trade deal.
  • Admired
    – May purchase the city title ‘Vicount/Vicountess’ (2,000,000 gold).
  • Adored
    – May self-nominate for the post of governor.
    – May purchase a city banner (250,000 gold).
    – May purchase the city title ‘Earl/Countess’ (5,000,000 gold).
  • Revered
    – May purchase the city title ‘Marquis/Marquise’ (10,000,000 gold).
  • Venerated
    – May purchase the city title ‘Duke/Duchess’ (50,000,000 gold