UO Immortal features different types of rare items. These lists are designed to make you aware of their existence and give you an idea of how to find them.

Daily Rares

Daily rare items can simply be picked up by anyone. Each item has several potential spawn locations. They will respawn in one of their potential locations once per day, regardless of whether they are found.


Item Location
Rocks Buccaneer’s Den
Rock Fire Island
Fruit Basket Yew
Closed Barrel Deceit
Candle x2 Covetous
Hay various stables
Full Jars Ocllo
Logs near carpenter or bowyer
Arrows bowyer
Horse Dung stables
Stump Yew
Red Chest of Drawers NPC housing
Chest of Drawers NPC housing
Orfluer near wilderness points of interest
Scarecrow near fields
Bookcase mage shops
Bucket docks
Books (face down) NPC building
Books (stack) near NPC bookshelf
Dried Flowers (north) hanging on wall of NPC buildling
Dried Flowers (west) hanging on wall of NPC buildling
Dried Herbs hanging on wall of NPC buildling
Dried Onions hanging on wall of NPC buildling
Blue Bread NPC bakery


Creature Drops

Some creatures have a chance to drop rare items.


Item Creature
Althalos (minichamp in jungle) Althalos Statuette, Crystal Skull, Display Armor, Hooded Shroud of Shadows (blessed), Magic Staff (deco), Mummified Corpse
Black Lich (Covetous) Black Dye Tub (charged)
Bodmahl (peerless in Yew) Decorative Barrels of Food (13), Quarter Staff of Skill (random skill), Robe of the Arch Druid (DCI, mana regen)
Drelgor (minichamp in cemetery) Piece of Drelgor’s Armor (5)
Mammon (minichamp on Fire Island) Daemon Mask (deco), Daemon Sword (deco), Demon Skull, Display Armor, Mammon Statuette, Sash of the Daemon Slayer (HCI, SSI)
Necromage (peerless in Wrong) Decorative Barrels of Bones/Body Parts (6), Quarter Staff of Skill (random skill), Statue of Death
Valafar (invasion champ in Wind) Display Armor, Gargish Long Table, Gargish Vase/Statue (5), Gargoyle or Gazer Statuette, Sash of the Daemon Slayer (HCI, SSI), Weapon Bless Deed


Stealable Artifacts

Stealable artifacts are items obtained through use of the stealing skill. Grand Master (100.0) stealing skill is required.


Location Item Rarity
Covetous bottles of spoiled wine (4) 7
  sculpture (monk) 9
Despise bottles of spoiled wine (3) 6
  sculpture (monk) 9
Excavation damaged books 1
  rock 1
  skull with candle 1
  brazier 2
  books (open) 3
  books (stacked south) 3
  backpack (reverse) 5
  bloody spoon 5
  bloody water 5
  egg case 5
  bamboo stool 6
  cocoon 7
  pushme pullyu statue 8
  saddle 9
Fire bottles of stolen liquor (2) 4
  bookshelf 9
Hythloth ruined painting 12
Ice bottle 1
  bottles of stolen liquor (2) 4
  academic books 8
  bottles of stolen liquor (4) 8
Necromancer academic books 8
  priceless treasure 8
  incense burner 12
Orc Cave jugs of goblin rotgut 3
  skinned goat 5
Shame bottles of spoiled wine (2) 4
  arcane table 9
Wind dying plant 5
  large pewter bowl 5
  Book of Truth 6
  gargish luck totem 6
  gargish protective totem 6
  gargish traditional vase 6
  large dying plant 6
  gargish bentas vase 7
  gargish knowledge totem 7
  gargish memorial statue 7
  gargish portrait 7
Wrong gruesome standard 5
  blanket of darkness 8
  blanket of darkness 8
  torture rack 10
  torture rack 10
Location Item Rarity
Britain lamp post 3
  king’s gilded statue 8
  king’s painting 8
  king’s painting 8
Buccaneer’s Den bottles of stolen liquor (3) 7
  fake copper ingots 7
Hvitorland books (stacked east) 3
  dried up ink well 3
Jhelom hanging platemail chest 8
Moonglow academic books 8
Ocllo stretched hide 2
Sea Market block and tackle 9
  rotted oars 8
Vesper platemail leggings (hanging) 8
Brigand Camp rusted pan 6
Cave battered pan 6
Guard House leather tunic (hanging) 9
  platemail arms (hanging) 8
  studded leggings (hanging 5
  studded tunic (hanging 7
  tarot cards 5
Orc Village skinned deer 8


Artifact Rarity and Spawn Time

After a stealable artifact is stolen, the artifact rarity determines the amount of time until a replacement spawns.

Artifact Rarity Spawn Time (±20%)
1 1.5 hours
2 3 hours
3 6 hours
4 12 hours
5 1 day
6 2 days
7 4 days
8 8 days
9 16 days
10 32 days
11 64 days
12 128 days