The Factions system has three factions: Order, Chaos, and Balance. Guild masters designate the guild’s Faction and guild members can then individually decide to join the Factions system through the guild menu.

How to Join

To join a Faction, you must be in a guild. The guild master must declare the guild’s Faction before anyone in the guild can join. Pressing the guild button on your paper doll opens the guild menu. Only the guild master will see a button to the left of the “Guild Faction” label on the guild menu. Use this button to select the guild’s Faction. Once the guild’s Faction has been declared, use the button labeled “Join Faction” in the bottom left corner. This will open a second menu confirming you want to sign up for Factions.

After joining a Faction, your Faction’s robe will appear in your backpack.


Faction Battles

Organized Factions battles take place in cities or in areas designated as control points. Battles are currently set to 10 minutes in length. Town guards are disabled during battles.

  • City battles are on an automatic 4 hour timer and require a Faction to hold and defend an altar to lay claim to the city. Altars appear after the first minute of the battle. Battles rotate through Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, and Vesper.
  • Control point battles take place in certain areas outside cities and are started using an item from Faction silver traders. There is a 1 hour delay between control point battles and a 5 minute delay after a city battle before a control point battle can begin. Winning is accomplished by occupying the area unopposed or killing the most enemy Faction members. Currently there is a control point located in the Hidden Valley to the west of Trinsic.

At the start of a battle, non-Factions players in the battle city (that have opted in using the [FactionsOptIn command) will receive a warning window indicating that if they do not leave they will be open to attack. Any opted in non-Factions player entering a city during a battle will receive the same warning window. The warning window can be used to teleport you to the nearest moongate; using the button to teleport will opt you out of the battle. However, by right clicking to close the warning window, you will have knowingly entered a battle region and will be flagged as attackable (orange). The attackable flag will persist, even if you leave the city, for 10 minutes. An opted in non-Factions player that teleports to the moongate and returns to the battle region will appear blue and not be attackable. If a blue non-Factions player (opted in) performs a hostile action, or beneficial action such as healing, on a Factions player during an active battle, they will be flagged as a temporary participant in Factions.

When a Factions player enters an active battle region, a battle status window will open indicating their guild’s scoring progression as well as important match updates. When any guild’s point status bar is filled, or when the battle timer ends, the battle will conclude.

Factions players can score points for their guild in a variety of ways:

  • Being the only guild/alliance to occupy the city.
  • Killing opposing, non-allied Factions players. There is a 5 minute cool down between when a player’s death results in the killer’s guild receiving points (1 minute at control points).
  • Claiming an Altar (for city battles):
    • When the message, “Fight for the Altar” appears in the battle status gump an arrow will point towards the direction of the altar.
    • Claim the altar by being the only guild/alliance to stand on it and ignite all 4 braziers.
    • If an opposing Faction player steps onto the altar, the claiming process resets.

Factions players receive a 5 minute temporary skill loss of 33% when killed in the battle region, unless they are in the vicinity of the altar when killed. Flagged non-Factions players always receive a 5 minute temporary skill loss.

Claiming an altar will display your Faction’s shield on 3 pedestals located around the city. The NPC Faction guards that appear during battles will fight for the Faction in possession of that city. Additional NPC Faction guards will spawn with the altar and assist in defending it. As a Faction possesses more cities, less guards will spawn around the altar.


Faction Strongholds

Each Faction has a stronghold. Their locations are shown on the Map of the World. A silver vendor and Faction NPC guards are located in each stronghold.


Earning Silver

Silver can be earned the following ways:

  • By participating in and by scoring points during Faction battles. You earn silver from individual actions and team actions.
  • Killing opposing Faction players outside of battles (10 minute cool down between kills). As your participation in Factions increases (kills, deaths, assists), this amount of silver doubles then triples.
  • Killing Faction NPC guards.


Temporary Factions Participant System

By default, non-Factions characters will not be able to perform beneficial or harmful actions on Factions characters. Non-Factions characters can use the [FactionsOptIn command to opt in to the temporary Factions participant system. If you Opt in, performing a beneficial action on a Factions member who is actively participating in combat with another Factions member will flag you for Factions combat. Being in a city or entering a city during a Factions battle will flag you for Factions combat. Flagging allows Faction members to freely attack, kill, and loot your character.



After joining Factions, a new button for “Leaderboards” will appear on the guild menu. There are two Factions Leaderboards: one ranking individual player performance and one ranking guild performance during battles.

Faction members who have declared citizenship will be returned to their hometown instead of defaulting to Britain when using dungeon moongates.