Spell Systems



Spell Systems Overview

Most aspects of the Magery, Necromancy, and Chivalry schools of magic are unchanged from the standard, modern implementation on free shards. However, there are some notable differences on the UO Immortal server.

You are able to walk while casting spells. Some exceptions to this are the mark, gate travel, recall, and sacred journey spells. You will have to stand still while casting these.

Spell mechanics are set to pre-Age of Shadows values. Schools of magic without spell circles have been given timings of similar Magery spells.

  • Spell delay = 0.25 + (0.25 * Spell Circle ) seconds
  • Recast delay = 0.5 seconds
  • No interruption delay
  • Fast cast delay = 2.25 seconds.

The Magery spell Protection slows casting speed by 0.5 seconds (equivalent of -2 FC). There are no FC nor FCR items that increase casting speed on the server. Spell channeling is absent as well, with the exception of Order, Chaos, and Balance shields.

A few spells have had their required skill lowered to be in tune with the 100.0 skill cap.

Only the words of power will appear when casting (spell names do not appear).

Chivalry and Necromancy are mutually exclusive schools of magic. One must at least have a karma reputation title of fair (1000+ karma) in order to cast any Chivalry spells. Negative karma is required to cast any Necromancy spells.

Travel spells, such as recall, are not blocked by player or pet ghosts.



The caster must at least have a karma reputation title of fair (1000+ karma) in order to cast any Chivalry spells.

Cleanse by Fire’s cure rate has been increased and damage to the caster has been decreased.

Dispel Evil has two functions. After casting, target oneself for the original use of attempting to dispel evil summoned creatures or target a foe to decrease their physical resistance. The target’s resistance is dropped 1, 5, or 10% based on the caster’s karma and will drop an additional 5% if the target is transformed into any of the Necromancy spell forms.


Magery Spells

Arch Cure removes the effect from the Necromancy spell Strangle.

Arch Protection temporarily increases the physical resistance of those in the target area

Blade Spirits and Energy Vortex pick their target based on strength and intelligence respectively, and thus will frequently turn on the caster or other nearby players. Using these spells will require some strategy and the savvy mage will have a dispel spell ready at all times.

Mana Vampire, when used in PvM, pulses mana from the target back to the caster. The length of the draining effect increases with skill in Magery. Only one Mana Vampire spell can be active at a time on a target.

The duration of Paralyze is related to the Magery skill. It can be resisted with resisting spells, which will reduce the duration by half. The chance to resist increases with skill in resisting spells.

The strength of the Poison spell is affected by the distance of the caster from the target and the poisoning skill. At a distance of 3 tiles or closer, the spell has full effect. Further away decreases the potential strength. The poisoning skill is required for a mage to inflict anything stronger than lesser poison. Benefits start with 30.1 poisoning skill and increase up to a 20% chance to inflict deadly poison within 3 tiles. Poison does not stack with Strangle nor bleed attack on players. Only one effect can be active at a time.

Teleportation can be cast inside of houses by owners and friends.

Magery Scrolls

Magery scrolls drop in groups of low (circles 1-3), medium (circles 4-6), and high (circles 7-8) from the following creatures:

Low Medium High
air elemental air elemental ancient lich
bone magi ancient lich ancient wyrm
nightmare balron balron
orcish mage daemon blood elemental
pixie drake elder gazer
ratman mage evil mage shadow wyrm
skeletal mage evil mage lord  
silver steed gargoyle  
unicorn gargoyle enforcer  
  gargoyle destroyer  
  greater poison elemental  
  ice fiend  
  lich lord  
  poison elemental  



The caster’s karma must be negative to cast Necromancy spells.

Casting harmful Necromancy spells will cause the caster to unequip their weapon. Exceptions to this are Animate Dead, Curse Weapon, Summon Familiar, and any of the shape changing spells.

Strangle does not stack with poison nor bleed attack on players. Only one effect can be active at a time.

Vampiric Embrace skill requirement has been lowered to 88.0 and it lowers fire resistance by 15%.

Vengeful Spirit can only be cast on players not already being haunted by a revenant. Damage in PvP from revenants is reduced; PvM damage is unmodified.

Necromancy Scrolls

Necromancy scrolls have a less organized drop distribution than Magery. Imps and ratman mages are good individual sources for over half of the scrolls. The creatures on the high list are the sole sources of Vampiric Embrace and Exorcism scrolls.

General High
air elemental ancient lich
daemon ancient wyrm
evil mage balron
evil mage lord Necromage Peerless
gargoyle shadow wyrm
lich lord  
Necromage Peerless  
orcish mage  
ratman mage