Player vs Player

Players who wish to engage in Player vs Player (PvP) fighting have numerous outlets to do so. Options include the Dueling Area, the Sparring Pit, opt-in free-for-all areas, PvP Arenas, and Factions.

Mountain Top Dueling Area

To the southwest of Britain, atop the Serpent’s Spine mountains, there is an area for ranked PvP matches. Opponents are selected randomly from queues for either 1v1 or 2v2 matches. You are able to enter solo (you will be paired up with another solo player) or with a teammate for the 2v2 matches. A scoreboard in the area displays the top 20 players and can be used to look up an individual’s score and rank.

There is a bookmaking NPC and a tote board to place bets on ongoing matches. The bookmaker is a dialogue NPC and will explain the betting system. Single left click the NPC and select the option to Talk.

Mounts and pets are not permitted in the area. An animal trainer is located near the match area to stable any pets.

Sparring Pit

There is a sparring pit in the custom castle town north of Minoc. Within the pit, everyone’s status is set from innocent (blue) to enemy (orange). Anyone within in the pit is freely attackable. Should you be “killed” while sparring in this area, you will be ejected from the pit and fully restored. You will not have to re-dress, nor will you lose any of your belongings. Pets are treated in the same manner and will be ejected when “killed.”

The town guard do not look kindly on rabble rousers and trouble makers in the area immediately around the sparring pit. Anyone found to be behaving in a violent manner outside the pit will quickly find themselves reconsidering their actions from the inside of the castle dungeon. Note: while essentially all actions that will land you in the dungeon have been blocked, it may still be possible to get transported there. The jail sentence lasts a couple minutes and you will be automatically returned to the castle.


  • Do not attack anyone while outside of the pit.
  • When inside the pit, do not attack those outside.
  • Should someone “flee” from the pit for any reason, you are responsible for your actions. Refer to points #1 and #2.
  • Stealing in the pit has been disabled.
  • Reagents are not required when sparring inside the pit.


PvP Arenas

PvP arenas have been added to the southwest of Britain and to Barrier Isle east of Trinsic. An arena stone is located at each PvP arena. Double clicking the arena stone allows you to host a duel or join an existing duel. You are able to set rules when hosting a duel. Options include ranked match, entry fee, use of potions, 2-10 participants, and more.

Free-For-All Areas

Free-for-all PvP areas require you to opt in if you wish to participate. Use the [FFAPvPOptIn command to enable this option. Be warned: you will be subject to non-consensual PvP in these areas of the game. This means other players can attack, kill, and loot your character.

Buccaneer’s Den:

The island of Buccaneer’s Den and some of the coastal waters are a free-for-all PvP area. If you have opted in using the [FFAPvPOptIn command, anyone that would appear blue to you now will appear grey. Murder counts cannot be given on the island.

Buc’s Points are awarded to the player who has done the most damage to slain players. These points are spent on a vendor stone in front of The Pirate’s Plunder tavern in Buccaneer’s Den. Items on the stone will be title scrolls, novelties, or cosmetic in nature.


See the Factions page for information about UO Immortal’s Factions system.