Talking NPCs

Town vendors will respond to player speech. Your karma level will affect how they speak to you, along with variations in the NPCs’ outlook on life and worldliness. Some of the “less intelligent” NPCs will have very little to say compared to their sophisticated counterparts.

While some sentences may be recognized by the NPCs, many times a single word functions better in getting a response. Punctuation such as question marks is unneccessary and may actually prevent an answer.

To get the NPC’s attention, say their name or say hail [name] for them to greet you in return.

The NPC vendors in Britain have a wider range of things to talk about than their counterparts elsewhere.

Some examples of things that will get them talking:

  • where am I
  • dummy/training dummy
  • thief/steal
  • smith/blacksmith/weaponsmith
  • conservatory/bard
  • mage shop/mage guild/magic
  • specific names of buildings, i.e. Sage Advice
  • nonspecific names, i.e. stables/healer/theatre/etc
  • Lord British/Blackthorn/castle
  • farms/gate/wall
  • river/narrows/bridge/waterfront/moat/ocean
  • Brittany Bay
  • undead/skeleton
  • ankh/death

NPC vendors in general:

  • hello
  • how are you
  • where do you live
  • what town is this
  • where do you work
  • thank you
  • farewell
  • rude goodbyes (take a hike)
  • who are you
  • make money
  • camp/bedroll/kindling
  • log off
  • dungeon
  • gold/treasure
  • Britannia
  • city names
  • knights/ruler/king
  • Robere/Shamino/Iolo/Dupre
  • weather
  • colony
  • virtues/shrines
  • moongates/moons