Vendor Search

Player vendors and their contents throughout the world are able to be perused by using the large books named Player Vendor Listing. These books are found in the banks of each town. Double clicking one of the books will display a window listing player vendors and their locations. You are able to sort player vendors by shop name and owner name. On the right hand side of the window, you have the option to look at the contents of a particular vendor as well as remove individual vendors from the list you are viewing.

At the time this was written, there are the options to filter for weapons, armor and miscellaneous items. These options are at the bottom of the vendor list window and provide a list of all the available items of the selected item type. The lists are able to be sorted by various item properties and the options to view individual items and remove them from the list remain available.

When viewing items, a picture of the item is displayed. Hovering your mouse over the picture will allow you to view the item’s properties.

The vendor search only displays items; you must locate and travel to the vendor to purchase any desired items.

Miscellaneous items include:

  • arrows / bolts
  • bandages
  • boards / logs
  • essences
  • herbs
  • ingots / ore
  • reagents