General Information



Character Overview

Players are limited to two accounts. Excess accounts are subject to deletion.

Limit of one house per account.

Stats are individually capped at 100 with a total of 225. Using potions or items, individual stats are able to be raised to a hard cap of 125.

Skills are capped at 100 with a skill cap of 1000. Power scrolls can raise a skill’s cap up to 120.

Elemental resistances are effectively capped at 50, while physical resistance can be raised to 70 with sufficient armor.

Casting delays are set to values from the Second Age era (approximately 2/4). These are static values and cannot be increased.

Player names must be unique and are screened automatically at creation for unacceptable names. If your name is flagged, you will be given the ability to choose a new name immediately upon entering the game. The filter is not perfect and may allow through unacceptable names, or unnecessarily catch some names. In either case, page the staff to get these names straightened out.

Sales to NPC vendors are capped at 10,000 gold per account per 12 hours.


Chat Regulations

Chat is intended to help players find one another and facilitate face-to-face, personalized interactions. Using chat for things such as gossiping, complaining, idle chatter, and other non-purposeful speech is strongly discouraged. To this end, chat is limited to one message per minute.

Using chat to whine about or “call out” others in regards to PvP is forbidden. Doing so is a sure-fire way to never use the chat system again.

Chat is not a means to sell or trade items or to advertise vendors. The preferred location for sales-related spam is West Britain Bank.

Players who are unaware or choose to ignore these regulations will be given a warning. Continuing to disregard them will result in a loss of the ability to use chat.


General Guidelines

Be polite to the staff. They will try to help with in-game issues, but they owe you nothing and will be happy to show you the door if you are not enjoying the server.

Staff will try to help with issues that arise, but beyond directing where to find information or simple explanations of game features, the onus is on the player to read this wiki or sites such as UO Guide for a full understanding of game mechanics.

The server aims to minimize the need to interact with staff. Please use the forum if you want to have ideas and suggestions seriously considered by the server developers.

Excessive harassment or grieving of anyone on the server is grounds for a multitude of consequences, including being banned.