Modified Skills

Several skills on the server have been modified from their standard implementations.


Animal Lore

After reaching grandmaster skill in animal lore, you are able to read “Naturalist’s Guide to Britannia” — a book that grants the ability to lore untameable creatures. This book can be purchased from the Brothers in Arms reputation vendor.


Arms Lore

Arms lore provides a bonus to crafting armor and weapons. Up to grandmaster, every 10 points of skill in arms lore will add 1% increased durability to armor and every 20 points of skill will add 1% increased damage to weapons. Beyond grandmaster, every 2 points of skill in arms lore will add 3% durability to armor and every 2 points of skill will add 1% increased damage to weapons. An exceptional piece of armor crafted with 120 arms lore will have +50% durability and an exceptional weapon will have +25% damage increase.



Characters must at least have a karma reputation title of fair (1000+ karma) in order to cast any Chivalry spells.

Pure paladins (characters with no magery nor necromancy) who have 100.0 chivalry can full meditate in any armor and while holding weapons/shields. The paladin cannot be a murderer and must maintain over 10,000 karma for this effect to be active.



Using discord or attempting to discord on creatures is treated as a harmful action.


Item Identification

Item identification skill above grandmaster adds additional charges to crafted tools. Crafted tools will have 20 more uses for every 5 skill points above grandmaster, culminating at 80 additional uses at 120.0 skill. These additional uses are subject to the doubling effect when tools are exceptionally crafted.



Using peacemaking on players and controlled pets is treated as a harmful action.



Factions players can provoke creatures onto opposing Factions players. Naturally, this is considered an aggressive action. It is important to note, you will not gain skill while provoking creatures onto yourself or other players.


Resisting Spells

The function of the resisting spells skill has been modified. It determines the four elemental resistances (fire, cold, poison, energy). Physical resistance is gained by wearing armor. Every two points of skill will result in a 1% increase in the elemental resistances.

Elemental Resistance % = Resisting Spells Skill / 2

This skill should be considered essential. While it does not prevent direct-damage spells, like energy bolt or flamestrike, it does reduce the damage as determined by your elemental resistances. It also helps you lessen the severity of spells that lower your stats or ones that last for a specific duration of time.


Remove Trap

Detect hidden and lockpicking skill requirements have been removed. Remove trap passively gives a chance to avoid damage from dungeon floor traps. The chance to avoid triggering a trap is equal to points of skill. Someone with 100 points of skill will never trigger a dungeon floor trap.


Spirit Speak

The spirit speak skill has an overlapping of its early and modern functions. It still functions to increase the effectiveness of Necromancy spells and also channels spiritual energy to heal the caster. The healing effect is blocked by mortal strike. Additionally spirit speak must be activated to speak with player ghosts. A message will notify the caster that they have established contact with the spirit world and an icon will appear in their buff bar. The icon shows how long the ability to speak to ghosts will remain active.



Stealing from NPCs and containers in town, if noticed, is a criminal action.


Taste Identification

Training taste identification has become slightly more complex to train. The follow items are used to train through the following skill ranges:

  • 0-60: food items,
  • 40-90: poisoned food items,
  • 70-Cap: potions.



Tracking can be used over much greater distances. The tracking skill equals the distance a character can track — someone with 85.0 tracking can track something up to 85 tiles away. Once you have successfully tracked something, you will continue tracking it until it is further away than twice your tracking range. After that distance, your quarry will be lost.

The distance from another player is taken into account when attempting to track. Players on screen are much easier to find than those several screens away.

Players who are hidden are harder to track than those who are visible.

Detecting hidden has a synergistic effect with tracking when trying to locate players. It can be thought of very simply as tracking + detecting hidden versus hiding + stealth. Detecting hidden will increase the chance that another player can be tracked. Players with no skill points in hiding or stealth are tracked very easily.

Animals, monsters, and NPCs are tracked 100% of the time within a character’s tracking range.

While tracking sea creatures, the range is determined by determined by your skill in fishing and the chance to successfully track is determined by your skill in tracking. For example, with 65 fishing and 30 tracking, sea creatures within 65 tiles will successfully tracked 30% of the time.