Magical Items



Weapons and Armor

Slaying monsters and NPCs is the most common way of procuring more powerful weapons and armor. While looting items off of your fallen foes will greatly improve your equipment, it tends to not be as reliable as knowing an experienced crafter. Finding a crafter with the necessary skills is sometimes easier said than done. So in the mean time, become familiar with what you may find during your travels in Britannia.

Weapon Attributes (pre-AOS Names)

These are the properties and intensities for weapons randomly found on NPCs and monsters. Weapons do physical damage.

Damage Increase (DI %):

  • Ruin: +15%
  • Might: +20%
  • Force: +25%
  • Power: +30%
  • Vanquishing: +35%

Accuracy (Hit Chance Increase, HCI %):

  • Accurate: +15%
  • Surpassingly Accurate: +20%
  • Eminently Accurate: +25%
  • Exceedingly Accurate: +30%
  • Supremely Accurate: +35%

Durability Bonus:

  • Durable: +20%
  • Substantial: +50%
  • Massive: +70%
  • Fortified: +100%
  • Indestructible: +120%

On rare occasions, weapons may drop with a hit spell effect. The name of these weapons will contain the item itself and one of the following effect names. An example of such an item is “broadsword of mage’s bane”. Hit spell names and the spell they represent are as follows:

Hit Spells:

  • Feeblemindedness: feeblemind
  • Clumsiness: clumsy
  • Weakness: weakness
  • Evil: curse
  • Burning: magic arrow
  • Wounding: harm
  • Ghoul’s Touch: paralyze
  • Daemon’s Breath: fireball
  • Mage’s Bane: mana drain
  • Thunder: lightning

Armor Attributes (pre-AOS Names)

Armor reduces physical damage to the wearer. The UO Immortal server uses the AOS system of physical resistance, but follows the principles laid out by the original armor rating (AR) system. To wit, a suit of platemail will better protect one from physical assault than would a suit of leather armor. By the same token, a tunic or helmet will provide more protection than a pair of gloves or a gorget. Refer to the Armor Chart for more detailed information about the physical resistance levels of armor.

Defense level and durability bonus are properties for armor randomly found on NPCs and monsters. Defense level increases the physical resistance imparted by armor and will vary depending on where it is worn. For example, armor that is worn on chest will see a greater increase in physical resistance than armor that is worn on the hands.

Defense Level:

  • Defense
  • Guarding
  • Hardening
  • Fortification
  • Invulnerability

Durability Bonus:

  • Durable: +20%
  • Substantial: +50%
  • Massive: +70%
  • Fortified: +100%
  • Indestructible: +120%


Magical Clothing and Jewelry

When equipped, magical clothing will apply the stated magical effect. Charges will be consumed when the clothing is equipped as well as continuously consumed while the item is worn. The magical effect from this clothing is equivalent to the spell cast by a Grandmaster mage.

Clothing of Magic Reflection uses the same equation as the spell. The variables from Magery and Inscription skills are treated as Grandmaster. However, the variable from Resisting Spells skill uses your actual skill level — the pool for reflecting spells can range from 10% at 0.0 skill to 80% at 100.0 skill.

The following spell effects can be found on magical clothing:

  • Agility
  • Bless
  • Clumsy
  • Cunning
  • Curse
  • Feeblemind
  • Invisibility
  • Magic Reflection
  • Night Sight
  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Weaken

Magical jewelry functions differently. Infrequently, teleportation and invisibility can be found on rings and bracelets. The charges are used when the item is double clicked and the effect is instantaneous. No words of power or other delays. These items grant the power to instantly become invisible or teleport without the chance of being interrupted.

Magical clothing and jewelry are unable to be recharged.


Slayer Property

Weapons, spell books, and instruments can potentially have a slayer property. There are two types of slayer categories, super and lesser slayers. Super slayers will do an increased amount of damage among a wide group of creatures. Lesser slayers do even greater damage to specific creatures. Each slayer group has an opposition groups; creatures in an opposition group will do increased damage to anyone wielding the corresponding slayer item. Items with a slayer property will drop from specific opposition group creatures. An example of this: a repond slayer item can drop from a lich lord (undead group). The fey slaughter super slayer is an exception to the opposition group rule. A table with a full list of creatures that drop their opposition slayer is found below.

The following table lists the available slayers and their oppositions. Super slayer groups are in bold. All slayer names are their pre-AOS versions. A table listing the creatures in their modern-named groups is available on UO Guide.

 Repond  Silver
 Ogre Thrashing  
 Orc Slaying  
 Troll Slaughter  
 Exorcism  Fey Slaughter & Elemental Bane
 Balron Damnation  
 Daemon Dismissal  
 Gargoyle’s Foe  
 Elemental Bane  Exorcism
 Blood Drinking  
 Earth Shatter  
 Elemental Health  
 Flame Dousing  
 Summer Wind  
 Water Dissipation  
 Reptilian Death  Arachnid Doom
 Dragon Slaying  Scorpion’s Bane
 Lizardman Slaughter  Spider’s Death
 Ophidian Death  Terathan Slaughter
 Snake’s Bane  


The creature types that have a chance to drop items with a super slayer property. The corresponding lesser slayer properties have a chance to drop from the same creatures. When creatures referred to in plural, it includes all sub-types (e.g., Wyrms includes Ancient Wyrm, Shadow Wyrm, and White Wyrm). If the creature does not drop magical weapons, then it will not drop slayer weapons. Any creature that drops a loot pack (gold, beverages, light sources, food) has a chance of dropping a slayer instrument.

 Repond  Ancient Lich, Bone Knight, Bone Magi, Drelgor, Lich, Lich Lord, Mummy, Rotting Corpse, Skeletal Knight, Skeletal Mage
 Elemental Bane  Balron, Daemon, Fire Daemon, Gargoyles, Ice Fiend, Imp, Mammon, Succubus, Valafar
 Fey Slaughter  Balron, Daemon, Fire Daemon, Gargoyles, Ice Fiend, Imp, Mammon, Succubus, Valafar
 Exorcism  Efreet, Elementals, Pixie, Sand Vortex, Silver Steed, Unicorn, Wisp
 Arachnid Doom  Dragons, Drakes, Giant Ice Worm, Lizardman, Sea Serpents, Serpents, Sliths, Snakes, Swamp Dragon, Wyrms, Wyvern
 Reptilian Death  Desert Mantis, Desert Tarantula, Giant Black Widow, Giant Scarab, Rhinoceros Beetle, Scavenger Beetle, Scorpions, Spiders
 Silver  Arctic Ogre Lord, Cyclops, Ettin, Evil Mage, Evil Mage Lord, Frost Troll, Minotaur, Ogre, Ogre Lord, Orcs, Ratmen, Savages, Titan, Troll


Magical Trapped Pouches

While magically trapped pouches are not a new concept, a couple features have been added to ease their use. Magically trapped pouches will appear red in color. Pre-trapped pouches are sold at provisioners to aid those not inclined to the mystic arts. The [poppouch command works by opening a trapped pouch in one’s backpack, thus causing it to explode. Doing so will result in a small amount of damage, which will break spells like paralyze.