Murder & Bounty System

The UO Immortal server features the old style bounty board. When a player is murdered, a window will appear with the option to report the murder and, if the victim is a citizen of any town, place a bounty in that town on the murderer. Up to 3000 gold can be placed on a bounty at a time. The murderer will be notified with a system message whether the murder is reported or if it goes unreported. Bounty boards can be found in each city and will list players with a bounty and the total gold bounty they have accrued (sum of individual town bounties). In addition to bounties, there are additional consequences for those who murder with abandon.

There is a substantial karma loss for killing neutral or positive karma blue players when your karma is over 5000. Turning red immediately drops your karma to -2500, if it was higher. This includes turning red by killing NPC vendors/guards. As a red player, you will be unable to gain karma from PvM.

Reds with 5+ short term murder counts cannot be resurrected by other players. With 1-9 short term murder counts, players will be able to resurrect at any ankh for a price of 1000 gold per count. This gold can be withdrawn from the player’s bank or the Dread Lord’s Indulgence, which is explained below. After reaching 10 or more short term murder counts, players can only be resurrected at the Chaos Shrine near Wind. Resurrection here does not require any gold. Once a red player has reached 15+ short term murder counts, the player will no longer be able to travel using player moongates as a ghost. Traveling the Chaos Shrine will become a lengthy journey akin to a pilgrimage.

As a red player accumulates long term murder counts, it will become increasingly important to live off the grid. If a player reports being murdered, and adds a bounty, the following actions will occur: a random item in the murderer’s bank box will be “confiscated’ (destroyed) at 10-19 counts, and with 20+ counts, all belonging in the murderer’s bank box will be destroyed. Only items in the bank box will be affected.

A red player’s head can be turned into a Virtue Guard. Only the person responsible for slaying the murderer can turn in the head. The person credited for the kill will receive a system message notifying them that the murderer has a bounty. However, anyone killing a fellow guild member will not be notified if they have a bounty. A Virtue Guard will refuse to accept the head should you be a murderer yourself — they will only deal with honorable persons. If the murderer currently has a bounty, they will receive temporary stat loss similar to that in Factions upon turning in their head. Regardless of bounty, players will be awarded a Virtue Point for turning in heads from red players.




System Overview:

  • Old-style bounty board.
  • Bounties can be given to anyone who murders.
  • Blue players with a 5000+ total bounty are freely attackable at all times. With less than 5 kills, these players will still appear blue, but it is not a criminal action to attack them.
  • A bounty is listed on the bounty board for anyone with a bounty.
  • Bounty total = The sum of the individual bounties. As the total increases, there are additional punishments for the killer (a bounty must be set when a murder is reported).
  • Visit a magistrate or lawyer to pay off your bounty. More about this below.

Short term murder counts:

  • 0-4: can be resurrected by other reds or lowlife blues.
  • 1-9: can resurrect at any ankh for 1000 gold/count, free at the Chaos Shrine.
  • 10+: only can be resurrected at the Chaos Shrine, free of charge.
  • 15+: as a ghost, can no longer use moongates cast by players.

Long term murder counts, when reported with a bounty:

  • 10-19: A random item confiscated from bank.
  • 20+: All belongings in bank confiscated.



You are able to pay off your bounties, in part, or in full, at a magistrate or lawyer. These NPCs are found in Britain, Yew, Trinsic, Nujel’m, or Buccaneer’s Den. Say “pay bounties” to them to see a list of your current bounties.

Bounties are town specific. Only players who have declared citizenship are able to give bounties when murdered. After being murdered, these players can report the murder and have an additional option of placing up to a 3000 gold bounty in their home town on the killer. With any amount of bounty, you will not be able to do any business with NPC vendors in the corresponding town. With up to 3000 gold in bounty, guards in that town will give various warnings when passing by them. With over a 3000 gold bounty in a town, the guards there will attack on sight. It is not a criminal action to defend yourself from a guard who has attacked you, but it likely isn’t a wise decision to do so either. Blue players who have reached 5000+ gold in total bounty, that is the sum of their bounties in all towns, are freely attackable by other players at all times.

There are no town guards in Buccaneer’s Den and citizens of the town are not able to give bounties.

Murderers should consider paying off their bounties as well. If their severed head is turned in to a Virtue Guard by their killer, and they have a bounty, they will receive temporary stat loss much like the traditional Factions penalty.



Beneficial actions by non-murderers (blues) to murderers (reds) results in being perma-flagged. A perma-flagged character will still appear blue, but can be attacked freely at any time, anywhere, by anyone. The perma-flagged status persists until death, when it is then removed. This status does not apply to the perma-flagged character’s pets; they are not able to be freely attacked and normal rules of engagement still apply.


Dread Lord’s Indulgence

Players are able to tithe gold at the Chaos Shrine into the Dread Lord’s Indulgence. This fund is used by murderers with 1-9 short term murder counts to resurrect at any ankh other than the Chaos Shrine itself. Resurrection at the Chaos Shrine remains free of charge. Adding gold into this fund negates the need to keep gold in one’s bank.

This feature was added before the new banking system, in which gold is shared between all characters on an account. While its utility has been depreciated, the feature still remains active.