Notable Hunting Locations



Britain Graveyard

Just outside of Britain, on the way to the graveyard northwest of the city, is an Arch Necromancer. Single clicking on him will give the option to talk and learn about information surrounding the graveyard situation. The graveyard is home to a low-level mini-boss. Killing a sufficient number of the undead spawn in the graveyard will cause the mini-boss to spawn. When it does spawn, a system message will be sent to all players within the graveyard region. The mini-boss is a skeletal knight that has the added ability to cast several spells. Upon slaying the mini-boss, there is the chance it will drop a hued, named piece of bone armor. This bone armor provides greater physical resistance than the corresponding piece of normal bone armor. Additionally each piece has 3 points of self repair.

Spawn that is lured out of the graveyard will be fully healed and return back into the graveyard.

Defeating the mini-boss will allow you to go down a grate in one of the mausoleums and enter the Britain Catacombs. After solving a puzzle and defeating another boss in the catacombs, you will gain access to the Catacombs Gauntlet. Completing the gauntlet will open access to a large custom dungeon.


Dungeon Hythloth

Creatures in Dungeon Hythloth have a chance to spawn as paragons. Paragon creatures will have increased loot and possibly drop paragon artifacts and chests. The artifacts include slayer instruments, decorations, and doubloons. Paragon chests will randomly contain magic armor, weapons, and jewelry, gems, gold, reagents, scrolls, treasure maps, and a possibility of skill scrolls and doubloons.

The dungeon itself has an increased drop rate of skill scrolls and doubloons over other dungeons.


Dungeon Shame

Creatures in Dungeon Shame have a chance to drop Shame crystals. Double clicking these crystals will accumulate points on your character. The points are used to summon a guardian when you double click on one of the three guardian altars in the dungeon. The guardians increase in difficult and require more points to summon as you descend. Guardian altars can only summon one guardian at a time. Only the person who summoned the guardian, and people in their party, will be able to attack a guardian. There is a one hour time limit to defeat a summoned guardian.

Each guardian drops a unique item. The three items from the three guardians are combined (by double clicking one of the items) to make a new item that is used to add +1 self repair to weapons, armor, and jewelry. A total of +5 self repair can be added to each piece of your equipment.


Excavation Dungeon

Tucked within the Desert of Compassion is the entrance to the Excavation Dungeon. The influence of an ancient evil permeates throughout the dungeon. To find the source, you will need to solve a puzzle as you descend into the dungeon and collect summoning items along the way.

The insects and arachnids within this dungeon are a source for Reptilian Death slayer weapons.


Hythloth Fire Temple

A mini-champ spawn is located in the Fire Temple on Fire Island, which is found to the northwest of the entrance to Hythloth. The spawn consists of three increasingly difficult waves of creatures, after which the boss will be spawned. If the temple area is abandoned for longer than 20 minutes after the first wave of creatures, the spawn will be wiped and a delay is implemented before it will restart. Unlike the Trinsic jungle mini-champ, this mini-champ is on a timer and may not be active when visited. The boss itself is a powerful balron and has an ability that lowers pet loyalty. Tamers beware! Be sure to bring a stock pile of food to keep your pet(s) loyal.

This is an overworld spawn and the creatures associated with it, as well as the boss itself, cannot be lured out of the temple’s area. Any spawn lured to the exit will be teleported back into the temple area and healed.

Each player that helps slay the boss will have a low chance to receive 1 of 7 different reward items dropped directly to their pack. An item that is used in a major quest is always awarded to the player who dealt the greatest damage. The random reward items are a statuette, a wall mask, a gold doubloon, a demon skull, the sash of the daemon slayer, a decorative sword, and part of a set of decorative armor.


Trinsic Jungle

Trinsic’s jungle is home to a mini-champ spawn. To access the mini-champ spawn area, 5 crystal skull fragments must be collected. There are five locations around the jungle where these fragments drop from specific NPCs/creatures. These locations are points of interest around the jungle, such as ruins or a graveyard. The fragment drop rate is quite high, but they are not guaranteed to drop every time. Unlike peerless keys, the crystal skull fragments do not have a timer and do not decay — they can be saved and used at a later point in time. Once the 5 fragments have been collected, double clicking any one will assemble them into the crystal skull. The crystal skull is used in the ruined house toward the center of the jungle (1845 X, 3208 Y; 139° 13’S, 36° 42’E). It will be destroyed and a temporary moongate will open, leading to the mini-champ spawn area. Entering the area will activate the spawn. The braziers in front of the ruined house will be lit when players are in the mini-champ spawn area. Anyone can enter the moongate and anyone can use a crystal skull to open a moongate at any point in time. This means it is possible to find other players already in the mini-champ area. Beyond the spawn itself, an ankh and a static moongate leading to back to Trinsic are in the mini-champ area.

If you want to fight a mini-champ spawn from the beginning, only use the crystal skull when the braziers are unlit. Wait or check back later if the braziers are lit.

Each player that helps slay the boss will have a low chance to receive 1 of 7 different reward items dropped directly to their pack. An item that is used in a major quest is always awarded to the player who dealt the greatest damage. Reward items include a hooded shroud of shadows, three decorative items, a monster statuette, and part of a set of decorative armor.



Wind has been invaded by gargoyles. The mages who resided in the city have mounted a defense, but the situation is dire. Town invasions can take place up to twice a day and remain in place until defeated. After clearing the invasion, a champion then will appear somewhere in the city.

Each player that helps slay the champion will have a low chance to receive 1 of 13 different reward items dropped directly to their pack. These include gargoyle related decorative items, monster statuettes, part of a set of decorative armor, the sash of the daemon slayer, and a weapon bless deed.

Note: The story line for the ongoing battle in Wind is currently under development.