Methods of harvesting raw materials for crafting include: fishing, grave digging, herb gathering, lumberjacking, mining, and skinning. Tools used to harvest (e.g., shovel, boline, fishing pole) have a set number of uses and will break when their uses are depleted. Weapons used to harvest (e.g. pickaxe, hatchet, skinning knife) also have a set number of uses; they are not able to be used to harvest once their uses are depleted, but they do not break like tools.

There is a 60 second delay before you can begin harvesting after fast travel (recall, gate travel, sacred journey).

Harvesting Systems


See the page on fishing.

Grave Digging

See the page on grave digging.

Herb Gathering

New herbalist items are crafted using the alchemist’s mortal and pestle. Currently craftable is the cure liniment, which prevents poisoning by non-players (creatures, NPCs) and has a cooldown between uses.

The boline, crafted by tinkers, is a tool used for harvesting herbs from various plants. Plants will always yield the same type of herb. There are 35 types of herbs and all but two are only found through harvesting. The remaining two herb types are sold by herbalists, along with a book to help in identifying herbs. Taste identification is used in determining the success of herb harvesting, but the skill is not actually trained through the act of harvesting. Direct use of taste identification on foods and potions is required to increase proficiency.


As your skill in lumberjacking improves, your chance of successfully harvesting wood from trees increases. There are various types of wood which grant different bonuses to crafted items.

The skill levels required to harvest each type of board are:

  • Plain: 0
  • Oak: 65
  • Ash: 80
  • Yew: 95
  • Bloodwood: 100
  • Heartwood: 100
  • Frostwood: 100

At 100 lumberjacking skill you have the chance to randomly harvest one of the following resources:

  • Bark Fragment
  • Luminescent Fungi
  • Parasitic Plant
  • Switch
  • Brilliant Amber


Ore can be harvested from the mountains and caves of Britannia using a pickaxe or shovel. There are various types of ore which, after smelting into ingots, grant different bonuses to crafted items. Ore can be smelted by double clicking it and targeting a forge. A grandmaster miner, after the proper research, can also harvest high quality granite and sand. These abilities are learned by reading the book “Mining for Quality Stone” from the stone crafter in Hvitorland and the book “Finding Glass-Quality Sand” from the alchemist at the Sea Market. When you have read book on stone, you can single click your pickaxe and set it to mine both stone and ore. After reading the book on sand, you can mine beaches and deserts.

The skill levels required to harvest each type of ore are:

  • Iron: 0
  • Dull Copper: 65
  • Shadow Iron: 70
  • Copper: 75
  • Bronze: 80
  • Golden: 85
  • Agapite: 90
  • Verite: 95
  • Valorite: 99

At 100 mining skill you have the chance to randomly harvest one of the following resources:

  • Turquoise
  • Fire Ruby
  • Blue Diamond
  • Ecru Citrine
  • Perfect Emerald
  • Dark Sapphire


In order to obtain leather, you must first kill a creature and then use a bladed weapon on the body. The harvested hides will be on the corpse for you to collect. Hides can be cut with scissors into leather, which also causes a reduction in weight. There are 4 kinds of leather: Normal, Spined, Horned and Barbed. The three types other than normal grant different bonuses to crafted armor.