Standard Quests

The Collector’s Quest

Elwood McCarrin can be found in the Albatross tavern beside the Ocllo docks. This quest has been set to take place entirely in Britannia. When collecting the monster images for Thomas O’Neerlan, the toymaker, all of the creatures can be found in Britannia. The creature locations can be found on UO Guide with the following exceptions:

  • giant beetle – Orc Cave Level 2
  • giant black widow – Covetous Level 2
  • swamp dragon – swamp south of Destard

The Hag’s Assistant Quest

The Hag’s Assistant is a classic quest that with Grizelda. She is located in a ruined house on the eastern side of the road between Yew and Skara Brae, slightly north of the halfway point between the two cities.

I Think I Overate

Pepta the Royal Tastetester can be found in Castle Britannia’s kitchen.

Professional Fisher Quest

The Professional Fisher Quests are given by NPC Fish Mongers who are located on docks in Britain, Jhelom, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, and the Sea Market.

Rescue Escorts

Rescue noble and seeker of adventure NPCs that have been captured by randomly spawning orc, ratmen, and lizardmen camps. You are not required to defeat their captors to accept the quest. Completing a rescue escort yields gains in the Virtue of Compassion.

We Who Are About To Die

A prisoner in Dungeon Wrong needs your help to escape.

Virtue Quests

Compassion – Gentle Blade

Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith can be found in the Lycaeum, north of Moonglow.

Honesty – Honest Beggar

Evan the beggar loiters between West Britain Bank and the southern-most bridge.

Honor – The Honor of the De Boors

Derek the merchant wanders around in front of the Trinsic Royal Bank.

Humility – Unfading Memories

Emilio the tortured artist is in the Artists’ Guild in Britain.

Justice – Guilty

Natalie the Lady of Skara Brae is next to Skara Brae Town Hall.

Sacrifice – A Ghost of Covetous

Ben the apprentice Necromancer spends his time in Minoc’s Barnacle Tavern.

Spirituality – Aemaeth

Aurelia the architect’s daughter can be found in East Jhelom.

Valor – Doughty Warriors

Kane, Master of Arms, resides in the Trinsic Training Hall.


New Player Quests

These are short errands with minor rewards.

A Clockwork Puzzle

Nibbet the Tinker is sitting inside the tinker shop in Ocllo.

A Stitch In Time

Clairesse the Servant is found in the kitchen of Uzeraan’s Mansion in Ocllo.

Baker’s Dozen

Asandos the Chef is located in the bakery in Ocllo.

Battered Bucklers

Gervis the Blacksmith is outside the blacksmith shop in Britain.

Chop Chop, On The Double!

Hargrove the Lumberjack is standing near Yew town center.

Comfortable Seating

Lowel the Carpenter is located outside the carpenter shop in Ocllo.

Delicious Fishes

Norton the Fisher is located on the dock in Ocllo.

Flee And Fatigue

Sadrah the Courier is standing near the Ocllo moongate.

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air…

Kashiel the Archer is found by the small camp northwest of Ocllo.

More Ore Please

Mugg the Miner is found at the mining camp in Minoc.

Split Ends

Andric the Archer Trainer is found by the archery buttes east of Ocllo.

The Pen Is Mightier

Lyle the Mage is standing outside the Ocllo mage shop.


Town Crier Quests

When double clicked, the town criers present a gump with a list of news articles. Several of the news articles are the starting point for quests.

Discovering Animal Training

Animal Trainers offer a tutorial quest about the animal training system.

Going Gumshoe

This quest tasks you with breaking open a case that begins with vandalism and leads to a far more sinister revelation. You will need to use four skills to complete the quest: forensic evaluation, detect hidden, inscription, and spirit speak. All four skills can be at 0.0, though higher detect hidden will make it easier to locate hidden objects. The end of the quest makes references the Lost Lands, which are not currently available but potentially may be opened in a future server expansion. Some spoilers are included below since the quest is difficult to complete without any hints.

Click to expand hints.

What do I do after going to Britain Cemetery?

Speak to the grave digger and use forensic evaluation on the damaged headstone. Hovering your cursor over the headstones will help you identify the damaged one.

I inspected the vandalism, what’s next?

Follow the trail of bloody footprints leading into the nearby crypt. The footprints go in but don’t come out. Use detect hidden and target the floor tile to the left of the large table. You’ll notice a crumbling tile that was hidden. Use forensic evaluation on the crumbling tile to reveal a trap door. If you cannot reveal the trap door, go back and use forensic evaluation on the damaged gravestone.

How do I figure out the passcodes?

Scholars have deduced that the passcodes can be discerned by applying a Caesar Cipher to the surnames of each of the headstones. The town crier’s reference to Pagan cultists and the gravedigger’s mention of the battle with the Titans are clues to recognizing when the cipher has hit on the right letter combination. This will help those familiar with earlier incarnations of the battle with the Titans.

Another hint for solving the passcodes?

For Britain: 20 letter shift to the right. For Vesper: 6 letter shift to the right. For Moonglow: 11 letter shift to the right. For Yew: 4 letter shift to the right.

Just tell me!

For Britain: Boreas. For Vesper: Moriens. For Moonglow: Carthax. For Yew: Tenebrae.

What do I do in the secret rooms?

Use the forensic evaluation skill on the dust pile and on the mysterious book. Then use the inscription skill on the mysterious book.

Where all do I need to go in the first part of the quest?

Using forensic evaluation on the damaged headstone in Britain gives hints on all the graveyards with secret rooms that you need to visit. The graveyard locations are in Britain, Vesper, Moonglow, and Yew. You will need to use forensic evaluation on the dust piles and on the mysterious books in all four secret rooms. You will also need to use the inscription skill on all four mysterious books. After you have done all of this, talking to Jasper in Britain will progress the quest. If Jasper does not progress the quest, you have missed one of the required steps in one of the hidden rooms.

I finished the first part, what do I at the Lycaeum?

Talk to the Cryptologist located in the northeast room of the Lycaeum. He’ll ask you to find the cipher text.

How do I find the cipher text?

Walk into each of the four book rooms in the southern half of the Lycaeum. When in the correct room, a system message will notify you that you sense something hidden. Stand near the bookshelves and use detect hidden on yourself. If you have low or no detect hidden skill, it will take several tries as you work your way around the room. Higher detect hidden skill will make this easier.

I’m finished at the Lycaeum, what’s next?

Return to Britain and speak with Jasper. He’ll send you to speak with a ghost located in the town of Cove.

How do I talk to Sage Humbolt?

Stand near his ghost and use the spirit speak skill.

Huntmaster’s Challenge

The Huntmaster at the Skara Brae Rangers’ Guild offers a monthly challenge for hunting various species throughout Britannia. Taxidermy kits can be used on a filled hunting permit.

Fishmaster’s Challenge

The Fishmaster at the Trinsic Fishermens’ Guild offers a monthly challenge for catching the rare and legendary fish, lobsters, and crabs found across Britannia. Taxidermy kits can be used on a filled fishing permit.

Paladins of Trinsic

The Lord Commander of the Paladins of Trinsic offers a quest to slay creatures in Dungeon Shame.

Righting Wrong

The Royal Britannian Guard at the Court of Truth in Yew offers a multipart quest that involves slaying creatures in Dungeon Wrong.

Treasure Chase

This quest is a walk through on using treasure maps. You start by speaking to a couple NPC vendors before heading off to complete three treasure maps. Your character will need to be trained in the cartography, lockpicking, and remove trap skills as well as capable of defeating difficult monsters.


Peerless Quests

The UO Immortal server currently has a single, custom Peerless Boss. This creature is more challenging than the creatures found elsewhere and will most likely will require teamwork among more powerful players.

Wrong Dungeon

The Necromage is a new peerless located in Wrong Dungeon. Drops include seven types of uncommon decorative items, grave digging shovels, and poisonous bark. Four keys need to be found and placed on the Necromage’s Altar in order to enter his laboratory. After dropping the four keys on the altar, a master key will be given to you. Players that wish to enter the Necromage’s laboratory as a group will need to be in a party and will need to stand in close proximity to the player who will use the master key. The boss fight is instanced, meaning no one else will be able to enter the room once you have started. Up to five instances of the Necromage can occur simultaneously, minimizing the chance of having to wait to enter the boss area.

  • Necromage’s Skull: skeletal knights
  • Phylactery: liches
  • Preserved Hand: rotting corpses
  • Preserved Heart: necromancers


Custom Quests

Adventurers’ Guild

The Adventurers’ Guild has branches in five locations: Britain, Hvitorland, Skara Brae, Vesper, and Yew. A representative of the Guild will offer a quest to retrieve a lost item in town, along the road outside town, or in a dungeon. To receive the quest, you can double click the representative or you can ask about tasks through dialogue options after selecting Talk on the NPC’s context menu. These representatives will also gate to the main Guild Hall in Serpent’s Hold. Wolfgang, the guildmaster in Serpent’s Hold, will offer a big game hunting quest to those who have signed the logbook in the Guild Hall. There is a bulletin board in the Serpent’s Hold location that lists quest-like activities.

Associated with the Adventurers’ Guild is the Thieves’ Guild (different from the traditional NPC Thieves Guild in UO). It is hidden and requires some work to gain admission. The guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild offers quests as well.

Judah Bezalel the Tinker

Judah is taking refuge in the Trinsic Tinkers Guild. Golem crafting is introduced through his quest.

Problems in Yew

Gerald, citizen of Yew, is in the town center.

Reputation System Quests

Each of the Reputation System guildmasters offer quest options to craft items or slay creatures. The guildmaster NPCs can be double clicked for a randomly selected quest type or they can be single clicked and the quest type can be chosen through their context menu.

For crafting quests, the items in your backpack will need to be marked as quest items. This is done by single clicking your character, choosing “Toggle Quest Item” from your context menu, and then targeting the items required by the quest. Once these items are marked as quest items, the guildmaster NPC can be double clicked and the quest will be completed.

For kill quests, you will need to seek out the creature type in question and slay the required number. You will be notified of your progress with system messages in the bottom left of your screen.